Trench Duct Sweeper for Excavator Made By Engcon


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(SWD) rotating brushes make the excavator more flexible

Just as with the GRD grab cassette, engcon’s new SWD rotating brushes can be retrofitted on the Q-Safe-D quick hitch. SWD is driven by a powerful hydraulic motor and is folded up or down with a hydraulic cylinder. SWD also minimises the need for manual labour, which contributes to a safer workplace.

SWD is flexible by design. By choosing the width of the rotating brush, the work matches more precisely the steps to be performed. The narrowest version of SWD can be used for cable sweeping, which facilitates excavation and above all leads to fewer cut cables or pipes. Choosing SWD’s wider version combined with the tiltrotator enables sweeping in gravel or soil into your own bucket, which makes it easier to clean off loose material.