What are the main arguments against building HS2?


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There are a few key arguments against building HS2. Firstly, there is the cost. The estimated cost of HS2 has risen from £32 billion in 2010 to £56 billion in 2015, and some estimates put the final cost as high as £80 billion. This is a huge amount of money, and many people feel that it would be better spent on other things, such as improving existing transport infrastructure or investment in other areas such as education and health.

Secondly, there is the environmental impact of HS2. The construction of HS2 will involve the felling of many trees and the disruption of wildlife habitats. There are also concerns about the noise and air pollution that will be caused by the increased number of trains running on HS2.

Thirdly, there are doubts about whether HS2 will actually achieve its aims. Many people feel that HS2 is simply a ‘vanity project’ that will not relieve overcrowding on existing rail routes or reduce journey times as much as promised. There is also concern that HS2 will simply lead to more development in the South-East of England, rather than promoting regional growth.

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